Thursday, 27 March 2008

Ramsey, 1995

A couple of days ago Babooshka, a photographer from the Isle of Man, visited my politics blog. She posts some wonderful photos of the I.O.M. on her own blogs and I thought I'd put up a few of my own. They were taken in February 1995 (with a lovely little Rollei 35) when I stayed on the island helping a friend renovate an old house. The quality isn't too spectacular here as I scanned them off old prints, but I like to think that they're still reasonably atmospheric.

Walking along Ramsey beach, early evening. Susie chases a stone, something she never seemed to tire of. We had the beach entirely to ourselves, and I took a short sequence of photos here.

Back through the harbour; the tide is right out. What caught my eye about this boat is the way much of the lower rigging inexplicably disappears into the cloud leaving the impression of a stranded ghost ship.

Finally, back to town and a rather obvious view of the very photogenic swing bridge.

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babooshka said...

How strange to see the bridge without the red paintwork I'm so used to. Agree that shot is obvious, and I must take it several times a week under varying weather conditions.

The beach shot is definately atmospheric,and a sucker for boats, especially when photographed out of their natural habitat.

Thank you so much for uploading these, and the mention.